Have you ever wondered whats it's like inside the storm? Meet joe, a typical teen from long island, good kid, good friends. But what happens when joe gets into the wrestling ring......STORM RIDER emerges from the depths of Lake Grove.....

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Hey all, i'm starting to get the hand of this "blog" thingy. Well, ne-ways, amanda's trail is coming up and i'm getting afride and i don' want her to move away from me :( :( :( . But ne-ways, it's sunday and i'm playing diablo2, it gets boring at sum parts but i don't care, still fun. amanda is coming over 2day and we rre goin to watch a movie, Ninja Scroll! And prolly hang out and mess around. LAst night me and amanda hang out wit roy and his love interest, Dani(aka busty lusty, says roy day and mike) we all drove aroud and eventully got to burger king. for sumreason when i asked roy for 3 dollars the chinese guy at the regeter, though i was poor, so he gave me a free drink. :) Oh yeah i saw freddy vs. jason,on friday wit Roy, Dani, Rob. All i have to say, is Simply Great, alot action and sum fucked up parts, but in the end, it's awsome.

Until the Next Time

Friday, August 15, 2003

Well well, this is my first "blog", well, lets recab the past week. Me and amanda had our fourth annivericy (Don't mind me, i can't speel). The days have been boring and there is no more summer skool, my last day was tuesday and i can't wait for skool!!!! Well, if you could'nt tell i'm a lying sack of......Ne-ways....Can't wait for six flags, it'll be Roy, Mike"The Man-Killer", Rob, Cindy, Danielle, Mike(the only with the beard). We are leaving the 25th, thats a monday for all you blondes, no names menationed.... *cough* Amanda *cough*.

Until the Next Time

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